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Why The Number One Forehand Error is More Tempting than Your Favorite Chocolate

Arguably the most common error in all of groundstroke tennis LATE preparation. We here our coaches say take that racquet back. Prepare early. You are late on your prep, take your racquet back sooner, and on and on...

But what does all of that really mean for us coaches, for us players? ​In today's instructional Coach Heath gives you tangible meat and potatoes...You are fed undeniable truth that you can take and digest immediately. If you want to discover the truth

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No! You Haven’t Seen These Serve Technique Treasures on Youtube!

The serve is the MOST important shot in all of tennis. It is the one time we have complete control of how the point starts. We can be offensive, creative, sneaky, clever or whatever is deemed necessary to achieve the upper hand generally without influence from our opponent. WE ARE IN CONTROL!

If one desires to reach their full potential in the sport it is important to develop a full repertoire of serve types in order to enhance your ability to "mess your opponent up". 

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The Nexus of Serve Consistency

Whether you are a coach, a seasoned player, or a beginner when it is all said and done we all have the same goal. We want to make our serve in the little box on the other side of the net. 

One of the most important pressures one can apply to their opponent is consistency. If you make your serve time and time again this in itself puts pressure on your opponent to make their serve.

If you are anything like myself you like like to see proof, you like to understand so what you learn sticks.

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The Oddest Place You Will Find More Forehand POWER

Sometimes we maneuver our opponent all over the tennis court, finally creating a massive piece of real estate to hit into that loudly beckons us to scream a forehand past our opponent... only to see them once again scrap our forehand back over the net...uggggggh!

We indeed crushed the ball with all the force we could humanly muster up (at least that is what it felt like), but they still annoyingly retrieved our ball back over the net like a golden retriever snagging that slobbery stick out of the lake time and time again! 

We have all been there...and it sucks! 

How can anyone instantly generate more power without having to change your technique a lick? 

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