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No! You Haven’t Seen These Serve Technique Treasures on Youtube!

The serve is the MOST important shot in all of tennis. It is the one time we have complete control of how the point starts. We can be offensive, creative, sneaky, clever or whatever is deemed necessary to achieve the upper hand generally without influence from our opponent. WE ARE IN CONTROL!

If one desires to reach their full potential in the sport it is important to develop a full repertoire of serve types in order to enhance your ability to "mess your opponent up". 


Understanding the 1st serve and 2nd serve variations are crucial in mastering your chess openings. In today's instructional Coach Heath shows you the empirical differences in serve types that you NEED to know.

Click the button below to discover some really neat nuances that few have ever discussed and then go apply them like a baby eating that first bite of chocolate ice cream!  

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