February 12


Why The Number One Forehand Error is More Tempting than Your Favorite Chocolate

Arguably the most common error in all of groundstroke tennis kingdom...is LATE preparation. We here our coaches say take that racquet back. Prepare early. You are late on your prep, take your racquet back sooner, and on and on...

But what does all of that really mean for us coaches, for us players? ​In today's instructional Coach Heath gives you tangible meat and potatoes...You are fed undeniable truth that you can take and digest immediately. If you want to discover the truth


about how to prepare properly during the forehand stroke then today's instructional will enlighten you with real world visuals that explain exactly how to prepare for each different type of ball received. 

Click the button below to view the top players in the world as Coach Heath demonstrates and provides you with tangible jewels that you can take out and immediately improve your forehand preparation and eliminate the most common error in all of tennis groundstroke kingdom.


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