January 31


The Oddest Place You Will Find More Forehand POWER

Sometimes we maneuver our opponent all over the tennis court, finally creating a massive piece of real estate to hit into that loudly beckons us to scream a forehand past our opponent... only to see them once again scrap our forehand back over the net...uggggggh!

We indeed crushed the ball with all the force we could humanly muster up (at least that is what it felt like), but they still annoyingly retrieved our ball back over the net like a golden retriever snagging that slobbery stick out of the lake time and time again! 

We have all been there...and it sucks! 

How can anyone instantly generate more power without having to change your technique a lick? 


There are several technical elements that help one achieve greater forehand power.  In today's instructional we are going to share one jewel in particular that Is specific to your set up.  

It's so simple it's stupid... get this one right and you will be torquing your way to whopping forehands by this time tomorrow.

Today's Forehand Power Instructional Key Terms


​Torque is the ability of force to produce rotation around an axis...and can be thought of as a rotational force. (Learning how to generate more of it is a healthy vitamin for those accidental fluffy forehands)

Separation Angle: 

This is where the rotation of one joint is greater than the next... creating for example an angular difference between shoulder alignment and hip alignment...

i.e. When we take a forehand backswing and the rotation of the shoulders is greater than the rotation of the hips...through this winding up or coiling movement we place the appropriate muscles on stretch, storing up greater elastic energy that we can then release into the ball for more effortless power...kind of like a "Jack In the Box" or a pre-stretched rubber band.

Click the PLAY button below and watch the video to see how you can apply this one simple jewel for greater torque and forehand horsepower!

What do you think? Have you ever thought to create a separation angle for more power just by adjusting your foot positioning? I'd love to hear your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

If you would be so kind and please share this article with all your friends on Facebook and Twitter by clicking the buttons to the left I would love you forever...more importantly for you...I will continue providing content if you find it valuable. Let me know by commenting below.



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